Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Metals & Hydrogen P12

Influence of surface to hydrogen entry into steel

Hiroyuki Saito (1)1 , Takehiro Okutani (1)1

  • (1) 1

    Tokyo Denki University, Japan


We have investigated the electrochemical permeation of hydrogen into steel with the Devanathan method. The permeation anodic current is measured for various states (passivation state, pitting state) , and for several pH. Though the anodic current corresponds to a passivation current at passive state in this method, after starting hydrogen charging, the current increases and reaches a steady state. We calculate the diffusion coefficient of hydrogen in the steel from the steady current. The magnitude of steady current, or diffusion coefficient, are different for the different experimental conditions. The differences are reported.  


  • Permeation
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